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Dr Laura Booi, brain health lecture, dementia prevention, Next Generation brain health

Healthy Ageing for Individuals, Families and Employees

Dr Laura Booi is a social gerontologist, researcher, educator and consultant. Well-known for her work in dementia and brain health, she is highly respected for her knowledge and expertise in gerontology, which she uses to help individuals navigate life as they age.



Dr Booi’s work focuses on brain health equity and the promotion of intelligent, inclusive policies to support and improve quality of life across the lifespan- from early adulthood to older age.

Her interests in research and advocacy for brain health are born out of the desire to find solutions to both increase the quality of life of people living with dementia now and reduce the population’s risk of dementia in the future.


With a Master's degree in Health Psychology from the University of British Columbia, a PhD in Gerontology from Simon Fraser University, and dozens of publications in her name, she has worked internationally in diverse domains of gerontology to build her knowledge base and research experience. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Dementia Research at Leeds Beckett University in the UK and a Global Atlantic Fellow with the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

Dr Laura Booi, brain health lecture, dementia prevention, University of Victoria, Next Generation brain health
Dr Laura Booi, brain health lecture, dementia prevention, Cambridge University, Next Generation brain health


Dr Booi is passionate about advising on matters that involve enriching the lives of the elderly and providing expert guidance for individuals, families, and organisations to navigate ageing and issues related to brain health successfully. As a Senior Research Fellow, her work is uniquely concentrated on reducing the risk of dementia and improving brain health across the lifespan. She uses empirical data and practical experience to educate and support people with the resources they need to live a great quality life while optimizing their brain health and reducing any fears surrounding ageing.



Dr Booi has been studying brain health since 2009. Within this time she has made key contributions to the study of dementia risk reduction, brain capital improvement and brain health diplomacy, risk reduction of dementia in young adults, and increasing care in nursing homes, among others. She is the co-founder of World Young Leaders in Dementia and continues to lead efforts for improved inclusivity and health of people living with dementia. Dr Booi has also had the privilege of working with ageing and brain health-focused research centres in both the UK and Canada while receiving various honours and research awards


Honours & Awards 

BrainLat, Seed Funding.

Global Brain Health Institute, Collaboration Award.

UK Research And Innovation Catalyst Award for Healthy Longevity, UK.

Tilly Hale Award for Patient Public Involvement and Innovation in Research, Newcastle University, UK.

Canadian Association of Gerontology Legacy Fund Award. 

German Canadian Benevolent Society of British Columbia, Award in Gerontology. 

Mark Nussbaum Graduate Award in Gerontology.

Simon Fraser University Graduate Scholarship. 

President's PhD Scholarship, Simon Fraser University.

David and Rachelle Chertkow Elder Abuse Prevention Essay Prize. 

Al Eisenring Gerontology Graduate Award.  

Canadian Association of Gerontology, Margery Boyce Bursary.  

Isabel Dawson Memorial Scholarship in Gerontology. 

Chuck Bailey Memorial Graduate Award. 

British Columbia Psychogeriatric Association Student Poster Competition.

Millennium Excellence Award, Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation.



Personal Experience Consultation


Corporate Consultation


Family Consultation


Group Facilitation / Education / Public Speaking


Brain health, dementia prevention, healthy
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