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The new future of ageing

The primary goal of gerontology is to help individuals live the most fulfilling life as they age and at every stage of the human lifespan. Through years of experience and research, Dr Booi has learned practical solutions to improve brain health and reduce risk of dementia.


Find out more about how her work impacts different aspects of science and society below.


Senior Living Community 

Senior living communities offer a variety of programs that support ageing individuals. Knowledge drawn from gerontology can help to improve living conditions and enhance post-diagnostic treatments for dementia.

Families and Home Care

Families of individuals living well with dementia and those looking to prevent brain health issues can leverage bespoke gerontological resources to learn how to interact with the health care system and get the best possible care service.

Workplace Health

Maintaining good brain health in the workforce is an essential investment that organisations must make to increase cognitive resilience. Age-related decline in brain health can affect productivity if not tackled.


Taking a life span approach, reports have shown that factors such as physical activities, cognitive engagement, and positive mood, have empirically demonstrated impacts on the quality of life of people living with dementia. Additionally, a study conducted by Dr Booi indicated that taking action to improve quality of life at an early age can reduce dementia risk. Although there is a research gap on young adults' brain health, reports have shown that late management of risk factors is associated with dementia.


As researchers and social gerontologists like Dr Booi continue to build upon already existing knowledge, these empirical data will no doubt guide professionals and families in supporting their care recipients.

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