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The Expertise Needed to Support Your Healthy Ageing

As an experienced social gerontologist, Dr Booi has designed her support services to assist individuals, families and organisations to navigate and respond to brain health issues that arise across the adult lifespan.

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Corporate Consultation

Group Facilitation/

Personal Experience Consultation

Family Consultation

As a Senior Research Fellow and expert social gerontologist, Dr Booi provides professional advice on decision-making that concerns the interests of adult staff and retirees in corporate settings. She works with companies, care organisations and government agencies to provide training, workshops, master classes and seminars on topics related to brain health.


Furthermore, for organisations looking to improve the cognitive abilities and brain health of their employees, Dr Booi can provide resources to improve the resilience and productivity of your workforce. Her gerontology consultation helps organisations optimise brain capital and maintain the quality of life of their valued employees as they age.

Brain health education is essential for bringing more awareness to the causes, treatment and preventive approach for improved quality of life during old age. Being an expert in brain health and age-related issues such as dementia, Dr Booi provides guest lectures and consultations to educate the ageing population and aid policymakers.


She is always ready to provide key insights on how to improve and maintain brain health in educational, family and corporate settings. Her education and group facilitation services are available locally in the UK and internationally.

Healthy ageing is a relevant concept and potent goal for all individuals looking to enjoy their adult years. Whether you have recently been diagnosed with dementia or are seeking information to reduce your risk of brain health conditions, Dr Booi is uniquely qualified to help you.


As a dementia care advocate, Dr Booi offers bespoke support, expert consulting, and individualised signposting to relevant resources. Through her research experiences, she understands that no two individual experiences are alike and strives to tailor consultations, assessments and support to your unique needs.


The role of family and close friends in regard to brain health and dementia is invaluable. This role may feel less alone with the right guidance, signposting and empathetic viewpoint of a professional. Whether you have an ageing family member or want to start an early preventive approach for adults in the family, you are in the right place.


Dr Booi’s Consultation Approach


Listening to dementia patients is the key to success in the journey to longevity. As a skilful listener, Dr Booi understands what individuals interested in keeping their brains healthy want and why. Using this deep and accurate understanding, she designs solutions and provides resources for improved quality of life.


Beyond listening to adults' concerns with brain health optimization or those experiencing brain health challenges, Dr Booi believes the bespoke consulting plan needs to be carefully implemented while the recipient continues to express their experiences in each stage of the implementation process from planning to testing, learning, and repeat.


With the aim of improving lives and enabling families and organisations to meet the needs of individuals having brain health conditions, Dr Booi is honoured to share her years of gerontological experience to support elderly people living with brain health conditions while ensuring a healthy ageing journey.

Cost of Services

Get in touch with us to learn how much it would cost to get expert personal, family or corporate consultancy on all matters involving to brain health and dementia. Book your first consultation with your preferred date and time, and Dr Booi will get back to you with details as soon as possible.

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